You can be the best in the business. Still, with a hard-to-use website, wishy-washy branding, or boring marketing materials that get dumped in the trash as soon as they’re received, your potential customers will never see that. 

Attracting customers is similar to a first date. Your company only gets ONE chance at that crucial first impression. Bad design can make a fantastic business appear out of touch, incompetent, or, worst of all, downright scammy. Everyone has had the experience of quickly navigating away from that weirdly out-of-date and suspicious website. Why send your customers running in the opposite direction with a negative first impression?

Or maybe your problem is that you’re making no impression at all. No website for customers to check out? Nothing going on in the way of marketing? Completely unmemorable logo? You might have the perfect solution to your customer’s problems, but they need to know you’re out there.

Do any of the following sound like your current situation?

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1. I need a website (marketing materials, a new logo, PR… take your pick).

I want to check this item off my to-do list, but I’m waaaay too busy *actually running my business* to do this myself. I need someone who knows what they’re doing to take this on and get it done!

2. My website needs HELP!

My website is full of confusing jargon, hard to use, and quite possibly ugly to boot. My brochures and other marketing material have similar issues. My potential customers might even bounce before my webpage loads, and no one is grabbing my flyers.

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3. I’m frustrated

I’ve already worked with another designer or developer, and they didn’t listen, left things undone, or made a bunch of mistakes. I know what I have now doesn’t present my business in the best light. Still, I’ve been putting off dealing with this because I don’t have the time or energy to work with someone who won’t follow through or communicate with me.

4. I’m just getting started

I need a website, a logo, business cards, a message, a marketing strategy, and who knows what else!? I’m overwhelmed, and I have no idea where to even start.

Portfolio Item, Brochure
Portfolio Item, Business Set

5. I need someone to bring my ideas to life

I have the perfect vision for my website, branding, marketing materials, and PR. I need somebody who can take my ideas and make them happen.

6. I need help pulling it all together

I have a sense of what I’m looking for with my design project or marketing project, but I need to work with someone who will take the time to help me pull my ideas together and then implement them. 

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Whatever situation you’re dealing with, I can create the polished and professional designs you need to win more sales.

Your new website, logo, copy, brochures, flyers, and everything in between will:

  • Convey your expertise
  • Demonstrate how amazing your products are
  • Show off your company’s exceptional services
  • Inspire confidence in your business
  • Give your customers helpful information that helps them make up their minds to buy
  • Click emotionally with your potential customers
  • Get you noticed
  • Impress your potential customers and win you more business

Let’s talk about your specific needs. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Let me Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Michelle. I’m a freelance designer & marketing expert based in Dallas, Texas. I’m all about helping your business or blog grow by creating polished and professional designs and effective marketing strategies that fit your unique needs and show off the best of your company.
I offer:
– Print & Web Design Services (for both businesses and blogs)
-Marketing, Advertising & PR Strategy & Implementation
– Copywriting & Editing
– Website Maintenance & Technical Consultations
– Small Business IT Services

Please see my services section below for a more detailed list of how I can serve your business.

I am also a print/digital artist & painter and accept commissioned projects. You can check out my artwork here.

I look forward to hearing from you about how I can help your business grow.

Why Work With Me?

I take a marketing-focused approach to design. Good design is so much more than making something look pretty. It’s about highlighting what your business offers that resonates and is helpful to your customer – so your business will grow. I take the time to talk with you, understand your business and potential customers, and design solutions that help you win business. 

The little details matter. Problems like website visitors needing to scroll sideways on their phones to read your information can be the difference between a sale and a potential customer bouncing. 

I’ve never met a successful businessperson who wasn’t cost conscious. I fully expect you to be concerned about your budget. I’ll be upfront and honest with you about the numbers and find solutions that fit your budget. I’m a business person too. I’ll treat your funds the same way I’d treat my own.

I’ve been told I’m the perfect balance between right-brained and left. While I’m creative, I’m also efficient, organized, and dependable. You can count on me to keep you informed, follow through, and follow up. 

My job is to serve you, my client. I will be responsive and listen to what you want and need. If I miss the boat, I will take your feedback, correct course, and try again. Ultimately, I want you to be 100% satisfied with my work. 

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Need to hear more? Here’s what my clients are saying:

Michelle is a delight to work with. She is incredibly timely and responsive. If she doesn’t know something she researches and figures it out. Michelle creates beautiful works of art and can help you define what you are imagining. She created a logo for my company that stands out and is easily identified. I would highly recommend working with Michelle!
Marcy Greenslit
Owner, A Care Management Group
Connecting with Michelle was a huge win for our firm. Our website was not where it needed to be and our previous developer was unable to complete the site. She quickly assessed our situation, made recommendations, and got our site where it needed to be. She is quick, professional, and competent. We rest easy knowing our brand is in good hands.
Tim Annable
Managing Broker, Colorado Commercial
After months of wrestling with several challenging technical difficulties on my website, I was desperate for a solution. A friend suggested Michelle, and Michelle was able to solve every one of my issues within a few short days. Michelle is thorough, prompt, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

She even took the time to write extensive explanations about the changes she made and was available and eager to answer all of my questions. She went above and beyond my expectations. Michelle is my go-to person for all tech troubles in the future.

She is unique in this field because she offers both an extensive knowledge base as well as an approachable and trustworthy demeanor. She sincerely wants to help people and is patient, kind, and approachable. If you’re stuck on an issue and cannot resolve it, reach out to Michelle. She will exceed your expectations!
Stacey Pardoe
Blogger, Encountering God In The Ordinary


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